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Corporate Law

Corporate Litigation

All companies have to address litigation concerns from the moment of start-up and continuing throughout the corporate existence. Whether your company needs to pursue litigation against a vendor, a former employee or an infringing competitor, unfortunately, corporate litigation is sometimes an inevitable side of owning or operating a successful business. The corporate litigation section of the Law Office of Stephen B. Davis, LLC, focuses on both proper entity selection and formation of new companies to help stave off potential problems that could lead to litigation. In addition, our firm can provide the necessary advice, agreements and contracts that will either help prevent the necessity of litigation or make any litigation regarding the areas addressed simpler or easier to navigate once litigation becomes necessary.

The Law Office of Stephen B. Davis, LLC understands the difficulty and uncertainty litigation can cause for a small business. Whether it be simply trying to recover invoices against vendors or responding to a complaint that has been filed against your business, we understand that a small business has to decide between the probability of success of litigation, the likelihood of recovery and the costs to pursue or defend a claim. We work with our clients to address their litigation concerns in a manner that makes sense to the financial and legal positions of their respective companies.

The Law Office of Stephen B. Davis, LLC handles labor disputes, vendor issues, breaches of contract, corporate lease disputes and most other litigation matters that may arise as a result of the operation of a business. We have years of experience in dealing with all kinds of corporate litigation cases and are well-versed in the nuances of corporate law and pursue your case with the dedication and aggression that they require so that you may concentrate on the needs of your business.

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