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About Stephen B. Davis

Attorney Stephen B. Davis is a well-known lawyer in the Atlanta Metro area. A magna cum laude graduate from Stetson University and a cum laude graduate of the Florida State University School of Law, Davis has won numerous trials for his clients. He was also part of the award-winning FSU Mock Trial team. He has expertise, experience, and a high success rate and is admitted to the Criminal Defense section of the State Bar of Georgia. Davis is also the member of the prestigious North Fulton Bar Association.

Stephen Davis specializes in both civil and corporate litigation cases. He handles criminal defense, personal injury, and family law matters. Davis is involved in every case that his firm handles and steers each case to a successful resolution with his dedication and legal acumen.

Personal Injury Cases

Stephen B. Davis handles personal injury cases such as drunk driving incidents, automobile accidents, trucking accidents, premises liability cases, dog bite incidents, workers’ compensation claims and instances of wrongful deaths.

personal-injuryDavis helps his clients file personal injury compensation claims, calculate a just claim amount that compensates for the losses suffered, and negotiate with insurance agents to help his clients receive a fair and just settlement. If a personal injury case proceeds to trial, Davis helps his clients gather convincing evidence and builds a well-documented and solid case to verify the losses. Although Davis attempts to resolve these matters prior to trial, if one is necessary to protect his client’s rights, Davis enjoys the opportunity. Some attorneys claim to be trial attorneys but do not really try any of their cases. Stephen Davis enjoys trying cases and will gladly do so if it becomes necessary.

Criminal Defense Cases

Complicated criminal laws in Georgia can be interpreted in many different ways. This means that the sentence handed out to a convicted person may differ based on how a legal clause is interpreted by the court. Stephen Davis helps his clients accused of drunk driving, felony drug charges and all other criminal matters win cases and see real results.

Davis defends his clients during trial with vigor and professionalism in an effort to prove their innocence. He collects the evidence necessary and uses his grasp of the law to either acquit his clients of the charges or lessen the sentence.

Family Law Cases

Stephen B. Davis deals with contested and uncontested divorce cases, settles alimony issues, negotiates child custody, support and visitation matters, and handles contempt actions. When dealing with family law matters, Davis strives for a resolution that will benefit his client while appreciating the extra difficulty placed on clients when dealing with this area of law. Davis knows and appreciates that Family Law cases are some of the most mentally and financially challenging times that a client will endure and handles these cases with this always at the forefront of his thoughts.

Corporate Litigation Cases

Stephen Davis deals with corporate litigation cases such as wage and work hour disputes, contract breaches, dissolutions and workplace harassment incidents.
Davis also deals with all general corporate matters and corporate transactions. For instance, he helps his business clients draft, review, and/or update contracts, agreements, licensing documents, and terms of use and privacy policies; guides them during the formation of business entities; advises them when they carry out licensing, technology and debt transactions; and counsels them as they try to build strategic partnerships.

Davis can be reached at (404)202-7777 for a free initial consultation.